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Whether you have 10 computers or a 100 or more, the fact is, they all depend on the same thing, data. It is the core of any business. Every transaction, every receipt, every client detail, and of course, your office’s work files are all part of the data.

Without it, offices can’t function. And this means, you cannot risk losing data. Unfortunately, the risks are not always avoidable. Hard drives don’t work forever, and that’s not the only issue. Virus attacks remain a constant threat, but a more important threat is ransomware. These advanced malware, which encrypt data and demand ransom to be sent to an attacker, and unless you have the decryption key, the files are deleted within a specific time.

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Zoolz Business Coupon Code

Many business firms have lost millions because of such attacks. These unforeseen expenses, if it might be called so, could have been entirely avoided, if the offices had a good antivirus and more importantly, a complete backup of the data, which can then be restored, in the event of such a catastrophe. Now, we are not just talking about local backups, which you can save on external drives, but a more powerful one, a more reliable one, cloud storage. There are a great number of such services available for this, but what we recommend is called, Zoolz Business Terabyte.

Why Zoolz? The question should be, why not Zoolz? Let’s find out.

Zoolz is not a traditional cloud storage services. Those, usually store files on their servers, and allow you to download them whenever you want. While this is easier, it is not exactly efficient, in terms of finances. These services are expensive for a reason, instant access to files.

What if you could store some files which are absolutely essential, for instant access, and other files, which you don’t need at the moment, and store them away, only to be accessed for when they are needed. This process is called Hot storage and Cold Storage. Zoolz uses Instant Storage (Hot Storage) for files, which can be restored instantly, while Cold storage, (based on Amazon Glacier), like your fridge, preserves files for later.  When you want to restore files, from the cold storage, you will need to wait for a few hours, while they are made ready.

But you can’t afford to wait for important files, right? That’s what Instant storage, based on Amazon S3, is for.  And there is a third storage, your local storage, on which Zoolz Business Terabyte, saves a copy too. This three layer backup process, is called Tribrid backup.

Not only that, Zoolz can be used on any device, regardless of whether you are using Windows or Mac OS X. You can also use the Zoolz mobile apps for Android and iOS, to access your backups, from anywhere remotely, when you are away from the computer. Even if you are away from your main work computer, you can still access your Zoolz Cloud account. That is really helpful, if your team is away from the workplace. You can use the Zoolz web based app, to drag and drop files to the browser, to upload files directly. It can also be used to create new folders, searching for files, sharing files, etc.

Zoolz has no bandwidth cap for uploads or downloads, so you get the maximum speeds all the time. Similarly, there are no limitations to the file size or file types. Zoolz can not only be use for uploading files, it can also back up entire hard drives of computers, and even Windows Servers, and all external or network storage devices, you have.

You have several options if you have tons of data. We are talking about Terabytes of data. You can either use Amazon’s Snowball appliance to ship your data on, or if you wish to, you can send your hard drive, to Zoolz, and the company will transfer the data to its servers, and then wipe the disk, and send it back to you.

Zoolz very intelligently analyzes files which you upload, for duplicates, and ensures that backups are faster, and this saves both space and bandwidth. And, your files are absolutely secure, because even before your data is uploaded, Zoolz encrypts your data with military level 256-AES encryption, and the files are stored on   Amazon S3 servers which also use 256-AES encryption.

The data which you have backed up to the cloud, is up to date, because Zoolz always monitors files for new and changed content, and uses the specified schedule to run back up tasks.

Zoolz Business Terabyte Coupon Code

The Zoolz desktop application has a very nice interface, with a nice light theme, and bright colorfur icons and tabs. It is very user friendly, allows you to backup your data in simple ways. The first tab is called, Smart Selection tab, and has the following options:

Financial Files
eBooks & PDFs

Apart from the above, you can also select only the files and folders, you want to back up. You can select files from your computer’s hard drive, or from any external storage devices, from the “My Computer” tab.

The File Filters and Auto Exclude options in the Zoolz application, allows you to include or exclude certain file types, from being uploaded to Zoolz. The latter is for including or excluding folders and their content, files of a specific format, files which are over a certain file size, or files  which are older than a date which you select, from being uploaded. There is a storage bar, which appears on every Zoolz’s screen, which shows how much storage you have, and how much  you have used of it.

The back up settings screen has a task scheduler, which runs the back up task at a time and date if your choice. The bandwidth throttler option in the desktop app, allows you to limit the upload speed, aka the bandwidth which Zoolz uses, to prevent slow browsing or downloads. Remember what we told you about local copies of backup? This is done with the help of a feature, called Hybrid+. This backup is saved, when the backup task is done, i.e., saved simultaneously as the online back up.

Zoolz Business Terabyte is available in many plans , 1 TB, 2TB, 5TB, 10TB and 500TB options, with Unlimited Users & Servers.

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