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Backing up data from time to time is a very good habit, to get into. It is kind of an insurance, for your data, on which you may have spent hours or even years of your time. The importance of data loss, should not be measured in terms of money, but in time, precious and priceless time.

It never hurts to be prepared, you know. Let’s assume, that in spite of using the best anti-virus software, and the latest updates for your operating system, and your applications, your computer is struck by a powerful malware, and it erases all your data. Or maybe a ransomware which encrypts your data, forcing you to format the hard drive.

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A backup of the most important files, could lessen the impact of the data loss considerably. Always ensure that you store the backup on a drive, that is

not on the same computer, for example an external hard drive. This is also a factor, which helps in minimizing the data loss. Of course, these too can fail, as there is no gurantee that a hardware can last forever.

Zoolz Cloud Home Edition 1TB Coupon Code

A better idea, in this case, is to opt for an online soliution, a cloud storage service, such as Zoolz Cloud Home Edition.

Zoolz is unlike other services, it uses two kinds of storages for its servers. Cold storage and Hot storage. What are these? Imagine that you store food in your fridge, it will be preserved in a cold form. When you want to eat that food, you can’t do so directly, you have to defrost it, and reheat it, which takes a while.

Zoolz Cold storage, follows the same concept, in that you will need to wait for some time, before restoring files from the cold storage. The Hot storage is only for business accounts, which readily allows all files to be restored.

Why is Zoolz the best cloud storage though? That is what we are going to see in this review. First of all, it is available across various platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X. That means Zoolz is not restricted to your computer, you can also use the cloud storage service from your phone, and as a bonus even on using a web browser, if you don’t want to use the desktop client, or if you are away from your computer.

Speaking of which, the Zoolz desktop application has a very food GUI. The design comprises of a light theme and colorful icons and tabs, making for a user friendly interface. The first screen which you see after you login to your Zoolz account, is the Smart Selection tab. This is not the main home screen though, we will explain it later.

Smart Selection has the following sections: Mail, Desktop, Documents, Office, Pictures, Music, Videos, Bookmarks, Financial Files and eBooks & PDFs.

You can select whichever you want to back up, from this list and it will be uploaded to the Zoolz Cloud servers. You can also use the client, to select custom files/folders stored on your PC, or any external storage devices by adding them  from the “My Computer” tab.

The Zoolz client has a couple of options in the top right corner: File Filters and Auto Exclude. The first option, File Filters, lets you selectively include or exclude certain file types, from being uploaded to Zoolz  process. You can use it to include/exclude entire folders, specific files, or files of a certain format to be filtered by extensions. This even allows you to prevent files larger than a specified file sizeot files older than a date from being uploaded.

Auto Exclude allows you to automatically exclude folders and all of their contents, from being uploaded to the cloud. Additionally, you can use it to change the drivem where the cahe is stored (providing your hard drive is partitioned to multiple drives).

The persistent bar, seen on every of Zoolz’s screen, indicates the amount of total storage your account has,  and how much of it has been used, in both numerical and percentage values.

When you are done selecting files, clicking the next button will bring you to the back up settings screen. This UI has a backup scheduler, which when set up will run the task at the time and date you have specified. There is an encryption option, which will use Zoolz’s internal encryption algorithm to encrypt your files, so it is absolutely secure.The bandwidth throttler option, lets you limit the upload bandwidth used by Zoolz, so you don’t experience lags when browsing or downloading files.

The Hybrid+ settings is very useful, to save a local copy of the files you have selected to be backed up to Zoolz. This can be saved on a server or network drive. Finally, there is the Zoolz Dashboard screen, which does the backup task, and this infact is your future home screen, which has access to the program’s settings, and can also be used to restore files from the cloud.

Zoolz stores files on which are are encrypted using military grade 256 AES Encryption. You can configure Zoolz on your phone to save the photos you capture, on its server, so you always have a backup. There are no file size limitations or file type restrictions, so you can save whatever file you want on the cloud, be it documents, presentations, music, movies, etc.

Zoolz Cloud Home Edition works on Windows Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10, and can also be used on Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2011 and  2012, Mac OS X v10.7 and above. For accessing Zoolz on the web, you need to use Internet Explorer 7 or above, or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Cloud Home Edition is available in three plans, the best of which is the 1TB plan. Yes you get a massive 1TB of cloud storage, which is valid for 1 year.

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